Susan A. Crate

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Arts Council of Fairfax County

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July 16,2007


Susan A. Crate

Assistant Professor of Human Ecology

Department of Environmental Science and Policy

George Mason University

David King Hall, MS 5F2

4400 University Drive

Fairfax, Va 22030-4400

tele: 703-993-1517

FAX: 703-993-1066

To whom it may concern,

I am writing you to provide a reference for the Sakha artistic musical group, Khatylaev duet. This duet has succeeded in bringing Sakha culture and traditions into an astounding array of song, instrumental pieces and spoken word. They truly perform Sakha traditional and contemporary forms with their audiences. They provide a huge service to the Sakha and the world in this way. As an anthropologist and researcher working in the Sakha area of Northeastern Siberia since 1991, I can safely say that this duet contributes a priceless service in their work and activities to accomplish their said objectives. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information about Khatvlaev duet.


Автор: Шишигин А.Н.

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